It was 1908 when Kaufman Mennonite Church seeking form and stability erected their first building. The building was built on tAmish-church-300x181he property of Daniel L. Kaufman, located in Conemaugh Township, Somerset County, Pa. The present building is located on the same property. The congregation consisted of a group of people some of which had identified themselves as Amish. The Amish had previously met at the Kaufman Amish Church. In time, the Amish membership from the Kaufman Amish church had been absorbed by the Mennonites in the region. Other charter members in Kaufman Mennonite’s congregation came from Blough and Stahl Mennonite Congregations who joined because of convenience and proximity to their homes. Kaufman Mennonite Church was established as a congregation on January 31, 1909.The first building was destroyed by fire in December, 1945. By spring of 1946, the congregation had decided to re9-12-04directorypics 043build. Plans were made and work proceeded with a new building in place by May of 1946. That building has continued to serve the Kaufman Congregation with additions and new construction through the years. While the building serves as a meetinghouse for worship, organization, and activities.